sabato 31 gennaio 2009

90 - Pisa

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ARTERY ha detto...

Nice postcards. I never have a postcard from Italy. I just started collecting postcards that's why. I am interested to have a private swap with you if it's okay.

Gecko ha detto...

Thanks Riccardo, my main blog is , Annie would LOVE to get her photo taken infront of the Tower of Pisa if possible? Although it will be quite a few months before she gets to you I think, she's on a long journey!

Cheema ha detto...

Great collecting blog. Are you interested in a blog link exchange?
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Jargelic ha detto...

Belíssimas fotos!

Jerry ha detto...


My name is Nigel Palmer I am 30 years old and I live on the North East coast of England. I am collecting postcards/covers from around the world with beautiful stamps on and as many as possible for a charity, Marie Curie Cancer Research and would love one from your beautiful country. When I have collected a lot I will be auctioning them off for the charity. My address is Nigel Palmer, 53 Neptune Drive, Bridlington, East Yorkshire, YO16 4EF, England. I would also like a penfriend and hope we can become good friends. I like sports football, surfing, walking, mountain biking and skiing, friendships, history, culture and travel and music and movies. I love writing. I am a lot of fun and single and am looking for penfriends worldwide. I hope you would like to write to me. Age and gender not important only true friendship. My e mail address is

Take care,


By the way love the motor car stamp on the return to sender you got from Netherland Antilles.